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2013 - 2020 Visual Communication, Art, Yoga...Om...Exhibitions
2011 - 2014 Art and Design Studies
1993 - 2011 Computing

Oslo House Studios Cooperative
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A computer scientist, artist and yogi, painting, drawing, sculpting, working with video and performance. She is curious to work with birth, life, death and rebirth, systems and sub-systems...(dis)connectivity and interconnectivity, of and changing forms, avatars and saints, god and goddesses, creation and destruction. She explores morphing, modulating and forming, feeling mesmerised and phased in investigating overdrive, under-nourishment and collapse, noise with silence, bitter with sweet...pleasure with pain, desired and undesired, tasted and left untasted...potentiality, relationality, functionality, totality, partiality...everything and nothing, everywhere and nowhere...right is left, right is wrong. ALL IS ONE. ONE is ALL...exploring the many possibilites of Advaita Vedanta...

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