Design Theory I

An investigation into key papers in Design. Guided by Dr. Invar Torres Hollaus.

Gerhard Richter 'War Cut'

Richard Serra - Selected Writings and Interviews

Norman Potter: Is a Designer an Artist ?

Josef Albers: Interaction of Colour

Graphis No. 80: Armin Hofmann & Adolf Portmann

Graphis No. 146: Royal College of Art London vs. Kunstgewerbeschule Basel

Paul Rand: Politics of Design

Gui Bonsiepe: Design and Democracy

George Nelson: Good Design 'What is it for ?'

Charles Eames: 'What is Design ?'

Dan Graham: Art as Design/ Design as Art

Donald Judd: 'It's hard to find a good lamp'

Nigel Cross: Designerly Ways of Knowing

Christopher Frayling: Research in Art and Design

Jean-François Lyotard: Paradox on the Graphic Artist

Hal Foster: Design and Crime

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