The Mothers' Room

The Mothers' Room is an exhibition curated by artist Rama Kalidindi, featuring works of artists from countries including England, India, Italy, Germany, Greece, Slovakia, Switzerland.

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The collection of works from artists showing their expressions of engagement, visions of parenting and children, exchanges and tales of upbringing in ever more challenged and challenging societies, influenced by newer waves of digitisation, virtual teams and networks and distributed families across continents. With an already increased higher consumption, globalisation with more frequent mobility of people and things, how will the onset of artificial intelligence; the new buzzwords, change the shape of things to come. Will mothering be outsourced to machines ? WoMan or machine ? How are we going to survive ? Is it a help or a hinderance ? Whether parenting with others or alone, have things become easier or are there ever increasing spirals of complexities. Has the world of high productivity and throughput, with the seemingly infinitessimal possibiliites brought us to a better set of arrangements or have we gone totally and utterly and entropically mad and must we curb our ways and put a complete stop to this?

Can we accomodate these changes and sustain a healthy existence in a motherly manner or are we distorting future generations in transforming humanity into an unimaginable conundrum by debasing strong foundations with all these advancements ? Was the past better ? Shall we get the aprons back on and bake muffins or roll chapathis for a better future or are we indepted to all those motherly fathers ?

With these limitless possibilities and endless choices, will we achieve more, be better and have healthier and happier lives, with our dependants ? Is it all just the same in a slightly different form or are there truly different modes of operation, materialities and contexts that are unrelated to our previous generations of mothers ?

Has the world that we live in, finally lost it or are we in a place of greater order with better solutions for outsourcing, offshoring, child care and remote working from home offices. Are the best artists and great chefs men or are women now equally matching their ranks ? Are participatory mothers offering newer and better benefits for their children or should be revert back to another past or define another future, with is more reflective of the raw and primal nature of mother earth ?

The works shown come from varying media including poetry, paintings, drawings, video installations, sculptures and performance.

Some workshops will be held in English and some in German, with translations where needed.


Alexandra Stäheli - Installation and Creating Writing
Andrea Bratschi - Sculpture
Daniela Petrini - Video Installations, Drawings, Workshops
Kame - Music Performances
Manmeet Devgun- Video Installation, Writing
Naila Forcina Sumar - Painting
Rama Kalidindi- Sculpture, Creative Writing, Performance, Panel
Smita Som - Creative Writing
Yota Tsotra - Drawings, Paintings
Ulrike Pittner - Matriarchy Workshop

Interesting and recent references

Mutter und Kind - Museum der Kulturen Basel
Die Geburt einer Mutter - Ausstellung in London
Kunst ist ein krimineller Akt - Ulrike Rosenbach
Kunst mit Kind - ein echtes Kunststück
Between Production and Reproduction - Career and Motherhood in the Artworld

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