Sculpture: Warrior Queen

An sculpture representing a grounding (mula bandha), a soft and flexible spinal chord, a strong and rigid vertebrae with it's curves, projecting towards the heavens, a carrier (uterus) of life.

Materials: Rock, metal, rope, carrier bag

Creative Writing

Amma: Dialogues between mother and child with illustrations, showing the interplay and interdependencies of mother and child, universal to cultures of the earth.

Books in three languages (for sale)

Five Million Incidents blog - Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi and Kolkata

Installation: A cosy sofa setting

A place where a mother and child have their after school dialogues.

Materials: Sofa, rug, beanbag, table, cushion, books, snacks, teddy bear

Performance: 'Come my child, tell me'

A staged performance of a mother and child in free dialogue, in a cosy mother and child homely setting.

The Artist

Rama Kalidindi is a computer scientist, artist, visual designer and yoga teacher. She is a mother of a teenager and a fluffy beast.

She contends with issues concerning globalisation, over-consumption, finding silence amidst the noise and sees the repeating cycles of humanity through the ages, as a global citizen.

Her work is expressed through painting, drawing, sculpture, writing, projection and performance.


© Copyright Rama Kalidindi 2010