Ulrike Pittner



Presentation: Introduction to Matriarchical Spirituality

An Introduction to Matriarchal Spirituality with the possibility for the participants to contribute thoughts and questions during the lecture. No previous knowledge necessary.

What do mothers, mother rooms and mother rights have to do with the state of Mother Earth? And what do matriarchal cultural values mean for the future of our planet? The speaker tries to answer these questions.




Ulrikes Bücher:
- Ave Dea
- Mütter Bilder

- Film Female Pleasure
- Archeologist Harald Meller '98% of human history there was no war'.

The Artist

Ulrike Pittner, 1949, lic.phil. I, pens. Teacher, Patriarchy critic und co-author of 'von AVE DEA. 13 Göttinnen der griechisch-römischen Mythologie neu begegnen' translated as 'New Encounters in AVE DEA. 13 Goddesses of Greco-Roman Mythology'.

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