Yoga Teaching Rama

Qualified Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher (Niyama Yoga Studio) with a strong basis in Hatha yoga, coming from many years of practice. Training from schools in Austria, Switzerland and India.

Rama was born in India, grew up in England and has been living in Switzerland for many years.

Her very first teacher was her grandfather, in her motherland. Following grandpa in her kindergarden time in India was her favourite passtime. She observed how he followed ritualised patterns with his morning routines. Amongst other things, there were special moves, intense stretches and breathing exercises. Rama discovered many years later that these practices were yoga asanas and Kapalabhati breathing. With the interest of her father at the young age of 8, she started her own spiritual yoga journey with Satya Sai Baba mantra chanting and flame meditation. At the age of 10, her father took her to a rare discourse in England which awakened her Krishnamurthy consciousness. At the age of 17, she started practising classical Hatha yoga with her first formal teacher in England, later on complimented by many different teachers from the USA, India and Switzerland.

With the recent popularity and rise of yoga and the many offerings of Teacher Training programmes worldwide, she wanted to intensify her own practice and bring her yoga to a deeper level. She embarked on her journey with Hatha teacher training in Rishikesh, India, qualifying later on as a teacher of Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Basel. She has taken part in various training, including Sivananda in Malta and Austria and more recently explored Ashtanga practice in India.

Rama has a passion for an integrative practice, (Ashtanga or the 8 limbs) which include Asana (poses and stretching), pranayama (breathing) as well as meditation. Based on her roots, upbringing and grounding in her beliefs, her approach is to use the system as a whole, as opposed to picking and chosing particular aspects. She believes, that in this way, one can truly explore the real benefits of yoga where the final goal is to achieve equanimity in the ever-changing environments that we are exposed to each day.

Rama combines the essential elements of body alignments, breath control and extension, energy balance between Sthira (Boldness) and Sukha (Contentment), meditation and Yoga Nidra in her classes. She recognises the importance of breathwork and places great emphasis on this in her teachings. She sees that relating the physical and anatomical understanding, with the underlying philosophy and spirituality, will result in a more wholesome and rewarding experience.

The many elements of yoga guide Rama through her daily life, where she tries to be her own best teacher. In the same manner, she gives instructions to others with patient guidance and encouragement, assisting them to stay on a healthy path to find more courage and confidence in themselves as well as with others. As she attempts to be less deterred by the stones that appear on her path of life (Dharma), she encourages others in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding about themselves, as a minimum duty to themselves, steering clear of the path of ignorance.

Rama has been inspired by many wonderful teachers along the way and is grateful for all the pearls of wisdom that they have given her. She applies great diligence in weaving these best practices into her classes, encouraging lightness and mindfulness, throughout her instruction. She steers the many that she meets along the way, in the direction of peace and happiness towards life.

© Copyright Rama Kalidindi 2010