Montreux Jazz Festival


Montreux Jazz Festival 2020

A wonderful opportunity to submit a poster to the well established and world renowned jazz festival that I have joyously supported along with friends and family, over a number of years.

This poster shows how we remain on 'Silent shores' this year in 2020; the year of Corona, where we take the time to socially withdraw, giving us the chance to reflect; musically and beyond.

Without constant external stimulations of new input, it is a time for us to look inward, and reflect on what we have observed so far by sight or sound. By referring to our memories, without additional sensory input, we can enable deeper forms of processing and reflections. In yoga this is Pratyahara; sensory withdrawal.

This poster comes from my rich appreciation and traditions of music and movement, as a yogini, artist and technologist, I would like to offer you a meditator on the shores of lake Geneve, reflecting, internalising and subtely expressing through a myriad of energy channels, whilst having invoked the root chakra, channelling all energies from the base to the crown of the head, with special attention to the realignment of the spine. By straightening the back through yogic practice, creating space in the vertebral column between bones and discs, freeing the nerves of any blockages, thereby freeing the mind, with deep conscious breathing, achieving deeper senses and freedoms, allowing new creativities to flow...inducing mellow and ecstatic mood altering moments, catapaulting oneself into other dimensions of nether and yonder experiences.

© Copyright Rama Kalidindi 2010