Panel Discussion 1


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Amidst the ever increasing demands of globalisation, higher consumption, mobility of people and material goods, distributed families, networks and virtual teams. Are there truly different modes of operation, materialities and contexts to consider that are unrelated, to our previous generations of mothering ? Or is it all just the same, just in a slightly different manner ? With these limitless possibilities and endless choices, will we achieve more and lead better and happier lives as a human race, raising our dependants ?

Do we live in places of greater order with better solutions for outsourcing, offshoring, child care and remote working from home offices ? Are mothers offering newer and better benefits for their children and themselves or should we revert back to a better past, to a more primal, raw state with better alignment to the mother earth and it's nature ?

Some workshops will be held in English and some in German, with translations where needed.


We had a mixed group of individuals with and without children form various professional fields. People living alone, parenting alone and in more balanced family situations. Professional expertise included:

- Artist
- Computer scientist
- Financial industry experts
- Literature and philisophical expert
- Writer and journalist
- Yoga teacher

Discussion Summary

- Parents create part-time and full-time jobs
- Holiday priority goes to the ones with children
- Intellectual engagement with diverse work options
- Flexibility from remote working (home office)
- Working at home does not mean working within a socialised environment

Interesting and recent references

Five Million Incidents blog - Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi and Kolkata
Mutter und Kind - Museum der Kulturen Basel
Die Geburt einer Mutter (Matrescence) - Exhibition in London
Kunst ist ein krimineller Akt - Ulrike Rosenbach
Kunst mit Kind - ein echtes Kunststück
Between Production and Reproduction - Career and Motherhood in the Artworld

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