Moods, Yoga and Mantra

Moods, Yoga and Mantra Workshop is conducted by artist and yoga teacher, Rama Kalidindi in collaboration with renowned, professional Indian classical musician Udhai Mazumdar . for English and German

Moods, Yoga and Mantra Workshop

is a 90 minute session, divided into two parts of 45 minutes each.

Yoga Pranayama and Asana

first part guided by Artist and Yogini, Rama Kalidindi

Mantra chanting

second part guided by professional, classical Indian Musician, Udhai Mazumdar

No prior knowledge of Yoga, Asanas or Mantra chanting is required. We celebrate the opportunity to impart knowledge to newcomers and represent, refresh, reiterate and resonate well-known and understood methods and good vibrations to all enthusiasts.

Come along with your friends and colleagues, as you are, to enjoy a session of an hour and a half, with yogic and mantric practice, giving you great energy, to uplift your mood and enliven your spirit.

The workshops will be held in English with German translations.

© Copyright Rama Kalidindi 2010