A salutation to the sun. Paintings, Projection, Performance, Asana and Mantra, Painting workshops, Readings.


In the beginning, there was Manchu, then came the sun and the glacial melts, feeling the power and energy of the sun, the ignitor of life. After the Manchu, came a trickle, a flow, a downward flow, a mounting flow, a bigger flow, a wider one, continuing on, deciding it's course, coaxed by definitive grooves, from moment to moment. There is flow, no plan, no foreseen future or preemption of a final goal. The birth of the sun, the sliver, the cusp, a crescent, a glow, a growing eminence, an ascending presence, a descending one. With this birth, there is a new life force, a kinetic downward energy, a thriving, racing optimism. One creation then another and another and another. Life goes on, it is flowing and flourishing, with a new dynamism, multiplicity and new vivacities. New growths set free, unfolding and forging ahead, onward and outward, with vigour and enthusiasm. With strength and warmth. Life = Water + Sun. Let there be flow, let there be life. Let there be no stagnation. Let there be flow. Let it go and let it go on.

Come and join me and celebrate this energy of life at the next exhibition of my work as a salutation to the Sun. The big blazing circle in all it's glory, glowing and growing with energy, power and vitality. Bringing one and all the light and energy we need between 8-29th November 2019.

As a guest of Atelier Mondial at Salon Mondial.

Asana and Mantra workshops held by
Artist and Yogini Rama Kalidindi
Musician Udhai Mazumdar

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